Remembering when I could run

I took these photos before my severe ankle sprain on the tennis court, which lead to a highly involuntary break from tennis for 8 looong months. We should never take things like the ability to run for granted. This was an 800 meters test I did. Last time I did it, I came in at 3 minutes and 06 seconds. This time around I did it in 2 minutes and 46 seconds. 20 seconds improvement! For someone like me, who didn´t start to work out before the age of 27, I am ok with this result and improvement 🙂

1Q0J1869 1Q0J1884 Christina-Thommesen-Atletica-trening-tennis-2 1Q0J1989 Christina-Thommesen-Atletica-trening-tennis-6 1Q0J2010 1Q0J1915 Christina-Thommesen-Atletica-trening-tennis-7 1Q0J1960 1Q0J1918 Christina-Thommesen-Atletica-trening-tennis-8 1Q0J1926 Christina-Thommesen-Atletica-trening-tennis-9 1Q0J2052