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The response I´ve gotten from the blog post where I could finally tell you that I have been a model for Redcord has been so wonderful! As I mentioned it was incredibly fun and rewarding that Redcord wanted to use me as a model and I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the two days that we had a photo shoot together with Tore Jonssen from Media Service. One of the most touching things I’ve been reading is Redcord´s feedback on our collaboration:

We are so proud to adorn our relaunched website with your cheerful and professional face. You give us pictures showing openness, fierceness, strength, freshness and inspiration. Of course we hope that we can work together again. Keep going strong and good luck with your leap as an entrepeneur. We are cheering for you!

How nicely put is this ?! I appreciate the face that they took the time to write this on my Facebook, and actually also shared the news of our cooperation on their own Facebook page. I feel very proud and supported.

Redcord will use the pictures their marketing material. I knew this, but I did not know that their relaunch of website would front a photo of me on the first page! Nor did I know that I would be on the front page of their calendar for 2015! Oh, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, just enjoying it !! I very much appreciate it and have it as motivation for times ahead!

Christina Mihaela Carare Redcord font

Very much fun to be on the front page of the 2015 Redcord kalender with Olympic Top-trainer Mathias Lilleheim.

Christina Carare Mihaela Redcord tennis blogg-2

In January most of us are feeling motivated for the new year to get into better shape. I find it inspiring to illustrate this month in the calender! 


Christina Mihaela Carare Redcord tennis blogg

Awesome photo, if I can say so myself. Training should be fun, but also challenging. Yes, it happens that I smile while working out. I smile quite a lot actually 😀 

Christina Carare Mihaela Redcord tennis blogg-5

My birthday is in May! And this is one of my favourite photos from the shoot. Even though i like them all! 

 Christina Carare Mihaela Redcord tennis blogg-6

August is an inspiring and motivational month as well, I think. It´s the start of fall, a busy and exciting time!

Christina Carare Mihaela Redcord tennis blogg-7

Here are the other photos that are in the Redcord 2015 calender as well. 

Christina Carare Mihaela Redcord tennis blogg-8

A while back, I got a message from a tennis colleague. He didn´t know that I had taken photos for Redcord, as I had not yet revealed the news, and he was so shocked to suddenly see me in an advertisement for Redcord in a magasin for fysiotherapists. That was fun! I still jump a little when I see my photos in advertisements or marketing material for Record. This was awesome! Christina Mihaela Carare Redcord Neurac fysioterapeuten fagbladet

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