Who is Christina Mihaela

My boyfriend and videophotographer Håvard Stiansen was with me in February to a tennis training session with professional tennis coach Viorel Dan Marinescu. I think Håvard (Howard in English) did a great job shooting and editing this promo video for the blog. I was looking forward to showing it to you, I am proud of it.

What do you think of the video?

ersonally I think that it fits perfectly to introduce myself to you who is reading this. It gives somehow of an insight into how I am.

The blog will be more personal. As a newly established entrepreneur, who has the opportunity to try to make a living of tennis, fitness, sports at all, I hope that you who is reading my blog will be inspired to follow your dreams and dare!

Christina Mihaela Carare tennis Sør Amfi Sam Eyde vgs Atletica treningssenter idrett norgesmesterskap nm-50

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Growing up

I’ve always been a bubbly and cheerful person. Energetic. But I grew up in a culture and a time when doing sports was in many families similar to wasting one´s life. I remember sneaking off to do gymnastics once. Second time I did it, I was caught by my grandparents. I was forbidden to do gymnastics again.

– You will never be able to live a sport, I was told early in life. This was when communism still reigned in Romania, my homeland. I grew up in a very smart family, composed of doctors, professors and engineers. School and higher education was the only sure way to achieve success in life – the only way to survive. I grew up believing this. In a time and culture that did not have the space for the luxury to express oneself creatively and explore one’s abilities and talents, I understand that fear of not having a job and income wins above all other desires.

In many ways, this statement influenced many choices in my life. I chose to study general subjects in secondary school rather than participation in a line of sports – for fear of risking not being able to live off the sport. In gym class I never felt totally at ease – I was neither fast nor good at ball sports. I had neither ran nor played a sport before. I held back. I felt small and stupid. I would´ve liked to keep on with a sport and be good at it. I knew I had more in me, that I could be good at something physical, that it would have made me very happy to keep on with a sport, but I could not spend time there – because I could not very risk not having an income.

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Christina Mihaela Carare tennis Sør Amfi Sam Eyde vgs Atletica treningssenter idrett norgesmesterskap nm-67


It wasn´t until I was 27 years that I started to work out in a gym. At the same time I started playing tennis actively. With a bachelor’s degree in communications and journalism studies passed, a store manager position and entrepreneurial existence in luggage, as well as a full-time position as project manager at that time, I felt a kind of inner peace and “rightfulness” that the time was ripe to do something sporty.

Income and education was secured.

I see many young girls, strong and nimble as hell, engaged in all kinds of sport, who have the support of family and friends to carry on with the sport that make them happy. They are encouraged from they can walk to stay active. And they do not just only one, but maybe to sports during a week. Spending time outside of school on sport and physical activity is one of the most natural things here in Norway. Many volunteer also to aid in lifting up sport talents.

And this I think is absolutely fantastic! That´s the way it should always be! Encourage each other! Support each other! Help each other!

The next thing is important for me to emphasize: I have received many good values ​​from my childhood. It has taught me to work hard to succeed, to get things I have not, to achieve goals. It has taught me to immensely appreciate things, experiences, people in my life, opportunities I get. It has taught me to never take things for granted.

This especially comes in handy now that I’m in a phase of my life, where I will try to live off promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

I’m like most people. Like you reading this, most likely. I was no athlete or sports talent growing up. But that’s not to say that one can not be fit or good in a sport in adulthood. You yourself set the goals! You decide for yourself your own success.

For me, success has been being able to play tennis, develop my skills on the court, compete for the first time in my life, become stronger mentally on the tennis court and exercising regularly.

I was missing everything in relation to starting a life in which one must do something active everyday. I lacked experience in competing. I lacked strength. Physically, yes, but also mentally, compared to being able to control competition nerves. I lacked balance. I lacked technique. Three years later, the contrast from the beginning up until now as an entrepeneur, tennis player and workout fan is bigger than I could ever have imagined. I have experienced, and continue to experience, a life where I’m doing a sport. My childhood dream has come true.

I can with a big smile on his face look back on many ups but also downs; at several moments filled with immense joy, but also at moments filled with tears and frustration, the spotlessly clean tennis trophies, but also numerous hours of treatment and rehabilitation with a physiotherapist, a photo shoot with an international sport brand, but also on an everyday now where the future is a little uncertain.

I wouldn´t replace a single moment of these memories from training and tennis for anything in the world. And I’m going to continue. 30 years, but this is just the beginning.

I hope that you will follow me into an active entrepreneurial life – and I hope that you will find something here that also inspires you to follow your dreams and to dare!

Sporty greetings,
Christina Mihaela

Christina Mihaela Carare tennis Sør Amfi Sam Eyde vgs Atletica treningssenter idrett norgesmesterskap nm-16

Photographer: Håvard Stiansen