2 workout motivation tips that work!

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Take a look at Röhnisch’s latest video above, and be inspired by women and girls who cheer each other on!

Autumn is approaching and while many of us have done good and worked out continuously, there is no denying that we all sometimes need an extra push, an extra little dose of motivation to turn off the TV, to shift from “snuggle trousers” to workout tights, to get out of your comfort zone and out the door.

Sometimes it may help to put on your headphones and listen to upbeat music, other days it may help to focus on your objectives with your workout routine, other days it may help to have an additional (active) day of rest before we find motivation to workout again. Often it is a mixture of all the above that is required to get you “up and running” – but even then, sometimes maybe this isn´t enough motivation.

However, there are always two things you can do that are guaranteed to get you off the couch and into the open air, or to the gym:

1. New, fresh workout clothes!

2. A workout partner!

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It is actually scientifically proven that when we train together with others, we train more often, harder, and we have more fun!

The brand Röhnisch wants to celebrate all the girls and women who come together to workout, who help each other to push themselves to their maximum, and to have fun at the same time!

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What I especially like with Röhnisch is that they believe in the strength that we “ordinary” women have to help each other to better health, stronger bodies and a happier life! The brand is not reserved for sports stars and athletes at the highest level.

At Röhnisch every woman and girl is a hero!

The Together Initiative is the name of the campaign where Röhnisch promotes girls and women who workout together and help each other to get stronger and happier. Here you can read more about the campaign, and get acquainted with the girls behind Team Röhnisch in Stockholm.


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Röhnisch favoritter høst vinter 2015 1 TEKST

1. Jacket here – Tights here / 2. Jacket here – Jumper here / 3. Shorts here

Röhnisch 2

4. Top here – Tights here / 5. Jacket here – Tights here / 6. Jumper here – Pants here

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I hope that you were a little inspired to do something active in the coming days! Let us cheer each other on! Bring your girlfriend, work out and smiiile!