Ever since I stepped down from my position as project manager in January this year, my everyday life very unpredictable. An everyday life as an entrepreneur has given me many peaks, and some lows. Sometimes, both peaks and lows on the same day. It is hectic, it’s exciting, challenging, fun, educational and a lot more at the same time. I continue diligently to make efforts to innovate the online presence for tennis Norway, while I try to balance everything else that is also important to me, including working out, rehabilitating to be ale to play tennis again, blogging, and to have time with my family, boyfriend and friends.

This autumn is going to be a very challenging time. I’m excited, I’m ready. For I am tremendously blessed that I’ve got the opportunity and have the ability to do everything that I think is important for me and my future in the coming year. What will happen exactly, I’ll tell all about during this week. However, I can tell already that it’s about a collaboration with two new partners 🙂

The blog is going to be more targeted towards training – and my personal experiences as an entrepreneur. Towards the motto I have that one should dare to challenge oneself, and one should feel the fear of failure, as it is an inevitable feeling as the stakes increase – but one should dare to go through anyway! My motto is about getting out of your comfort zone and going for what’s important for you to happen. Turn challenges into opportunities. And opportunities into success.

In this context, I have redesigned blog. I really hope you like it! I’d really like to say big Thank you a lot for Stig Solberg in ALFACOM who has helped me a lot with design in the last month. This I would´ve never in the world achieved alone. Stig has made possible my vision with the new blog design, and I’m very happy with the result!

Recently I´ve also put aside time to translate to English several of my blog posts. An English version of my website, and a functional one, of the site has been important to me to create. The blog has become a big part of my personal and professional identity. I have family and friends who read the blog who do not speak Norwegian, and I potential partners and others who check out my blog, who do not speak Norwegian. For my part, all these are important to me to keepsake and create a design so they too can understand what I write. With one keystroke, I would like them to be able to read parts of my previous posts and all other posts that I’m going to write, in English.

A big welcome to you who is reading my blog! I hope that you will follow me in my life as a newly made entrepreneur, and I hope that you will find something here to inspires you in your everyday life!

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Sporty greetings, Christina Mihaela

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