I will be a Personal Trainer!

I am so excited to share these news with you! I am so proud to announce that I am studying to become a Personal Trainer!! I’ve actually already been a student for a month!! I have already submitted my first assignment – and I have managed to have several small panic attacks due to the sheer amount of work that is my ambition to balance entrepreneurship everyday with meetings, uncertainty, planning, studies, blogging, training motivation, tennis shoulder and elbow rehabilitation and family time. I will not conceal it, the past month has been extra busy and short-breathed – but I wouldn´t be without it! I have the opportunity to combine my passion for tennis and training , and I have the opportunity to learn so much that I can use already, and I will use for the rest of your life ! I am so lucky, so grateful! This is so awesome!


I just wanted to have everything ready before I presented you to what will occupy much of my time in the eighteen months to come. Now that my new blog design is virtually in place, the English version of the blog is in place – and my very first assignment in Anatomy and Physiology is submitted, I felt the time was right to let you know!

It’s an incredibly great pleasure for me to announce that I am now a proud ambassador for NKS Online and their one-year program in Personal Training.

The online studies are conducted in cooperation with the Health University in Oslo. This is a very comprehensive study that addresses the topics Anatomy and Physiology, Fitness Learning, Activity Theory, Basic Nutrition, Nutrition and Performance and the role of a Personal Trainer (coaching).

I’m going to study part-time since I as an entrepreneur must have flexibility on a daily basis. If I succeed in the studies and pass all the exams, I will get a diploma and international certification through the European Health and Fitness Association (EHFA) as Personal Trainer (Level 4 Personal Trainer)!

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This is the second time I choose NKS Nettstudies as place of education. The first time was when I was studying journalism in 2010. Just like now, I lived at the time in Arendal and thrived here, and didn´t want to move. But I wanted to study journalism, since I didn´t feel that the bachelor’s degree in communications that I had gave me enough training to feel confident enough as a journalist. I came across NKS Nettstudies through an Internet search and found the solution perfect for me! As the studies are online, it gave me a huge amount of flexibility in terms of creating a study plan (which I combined with a full-time position as a store manager and freelance journalist), and I could study from home. One of the best parts, I think, was that I got the same education as journalism students at Oslo and Akershus University College. The education was, in other words quality assured. The studies resulted in many freelance assignments for Agderposten, a summer job in their editorial – and more confident me as a journalist.



While I worked as a project manager, I took up tennis in my spare time. And began exercising. This changed my perspective on life. I became passionate about tennis and fitness – and it has since felt natural for me to pursue a further career path in sports. In January I quit my job as project manager and focused fully on the dream of working with tennis and fitness.

This is the superficial summary of why I chose tennis and training as a career. The reason is much more profound. It’s about a passion for wanting to help drive tennis forward, to get more people to try tennis, to innovate online sports context, to encourage and promote an active, healthy, sociable and fun lifestyle.

I sat with the same feeling I did in 2010 when I started thinking about journalism studies because I felt like a bachelor in communication didn´t quite give me specific enough education to work as a journalist.

This time around, five years later (!), the situation is quite similar. I want to combine tennis, fitness and work. I want to know what I’m talking about. If I succeed and I lead what is to become Norway´s new tennis portal, where one of my goals is to make sure to provide quality assured expertise to our readers, I want to represent quality assured expertise myself. I want to walk-the-walk, I myself want to provide useful training related content.


Tennis and training has changed my life, physically, mentally and sociologically. I was hungry to learn more about training!

My thoughts went immediately to NKS Nettstudies. Did they have a degree in fitness, sports or Personal Training? I googled eagerly and quickly found out that they just (in 2015) had started a one-year program in personal training, in cooperation with the Norwegian Health University.

  • Cooperation with renowned educational institution? Check!
  • Quality assured international certification? Check!
  • Online and flexible? Check!

The education ticked off many boxes for me. But the education is also very extensive: 60 credits, spread over eighteen months by split time studies, compulsory weekend meetings, technical material that nursing students go through, not to mention all the other comprehensive curriculum in general and exams. It sounds very scary. Because I do not know if I’m going to be able to follow through, if I´m able to balance it all. But I will definitely fight to do so!

I contacted with NKS Nettstudies and explained my situation. How passionate a vision I have to innovate online for tennis enthusiasts, how hungry I am to even learn more about training and how to incorporate it in other people’s lives, regardless of their challenges. I explained that I had no guarantees to myself wether or not I was going to have capacity to study, but I knew deep down that taking a degree in training is something I just have to try to do.

I could have gone to other institutions. Selected a cheaper study, opted for a shorter period of studies, lowered standards of knowledge about training. But I like to dare and I like to aim high, and I wanted to first see if I could fulfil the dream to study at the institution that I looked to as the best and with the most thorough study programs: NKS Nettstudies.


How grateful and happy I felt when I got the opportunity to be an ambassador for the study and for NKS Nettstudies is a bit difficult to describe in words. I was teary-eyed  and I feel incredibly lucky because I can study Personal Training with them!

Now the real hard work begins. To study. This is a comprehensive study, but which in return will enable me to be able to train others, training enthusiasts as well as athletes, guide about nutrition, tailor workout programs – and to know how everything from cell level, nervous system and other aspects in the body affect everything that we do physically.

In 2017, I will hopefully succeed as Internationally certified Personal Trainer! : D

I must wish myself good luck with the studies, because it I need that! This is demanding, challenging and fun! I am incredibly blessed to live out this dream, and this chance I do not take lightly! I’m very excited about how it will go and what I will learn! I greatly look forward to sharing the journey with you!

Thank you so much to NKS Nettstudies for this opportunity!


All photos: NKS Nettstudier

NB: I will post blog posts about the studies in English as well but maybe not all posts. I will also blog on the NKS Nettstudies blog. Follow me on my new Facebook page for updates!