Proud ambassador of Kick Training

All photos: Markus Light

Oh happy day! It is my great pleasure to announce a sponsorship with fitness centre Kick Training in Arendal, Norway. The sponsorship is perfect for me as a newly established entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast and tennis player. I have trained at Kick Training for a month already and I can honestly say that I really enjoy myself here, both because of the equipment selection, the diverse timetable offer, the guidance I get, the competence in-house and because there is a very good workout energy here.

Meet Laufey Dogg Garðarsdóttir on the photo above, a personal trainer and instructor at Kick Training. She has helped me with a training program over the last month. She has completed two body analyzes on me (when I started to train at Kick, and a month later) from which we both learned more about my form, and from which she is able to form a program with the results, my goals, wishes and challenges.

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The year is 2015. The month, January. I have decided to quit my job as a project manager and invest time as a tennis entrepreneur. I do not know at this point what the future holds, but some things are clear to me:

I will have to work very structured, focused, effectively. I will succeed with the vision to innovate online that will contribute to taking tennis-Norway in the right direction. I will also continue to workout because it makes me feel good. I will get back on the tennis court and play tennis after yet another highly involuntary stop, this time for eight months, because of an inflamed shoulder and tennis elbow. I want to blog and be open about my entrepreneurial existences, tennis and fitness. And I will be a good girlfriend. I will manage to do everything and I will be able to balance everything.

And I will do one more thing, which is going to require nearly as much focus and capacity of me as an entrepreneurial existence does: I will study Personal Training with my partner NKS Nettstudies, which will make it possible for me to combine the knowledge of training with my passion for tennis. This couldn´t be a better fit!

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To manage everything, I have to be clever about planning out my days. Much of the work as an entrepreneur I do from home and often I’m travelling and in meetings. If I want some kind of structure for my workouts, because I know that in the long run, as well as in everyday life, working out makes me feel good, it’s fun, it’s a sense of empowerment, it gives me energy and a kind of inner peace.

If I’m going to make sure that I workout, I have, for example, to do it in the morning. So that I’m ready for work from 8.30-9 and throughout the day, and be flexible on everything else that may arise during the day.

Christina Mihaela Carare Kick Krøgenes trening senterChristina Mihaela Carare Kick Krøgenes trening senter-45

I know of Kick Training before, because it is very close to where I live. I knew several friends who trained here and who boasted about the centre, the equipment, the timetable and employees.

I thought that this might be a gym that fits my entrepreneurial life very well, since it’s so close. But was the quality of the training serious enough? I am one who likes to surround myself and  work with those who are good in their field. Because I think it’s interesting, inspiring and motivating to learn from those who have experience and competence in their field of work.

I asked for a meeting with the managing directors of the centre, which I got. I presented myself, who I am as a person and what I want. I found it immediately very tough that both managing directors are entrepreneurs who have managed to build up Kick Training, a fitness concept that has been successful for several years in Arendal. Last year, they expanded again and built a great and modern department near where I live. As private investors and entrepreneurs, I think that they have done impressively well! This is inspiring to me.

I toured the fitness centre and was impressed with the equipment selection: free weights, machines, and rooms especially for spinning, crosstraining, running, fitness and circle training. I also learned about the background of Jan Aksel and Tone, the managing directors, both with merits within the top in Europe and the world elite in boxing, kickboxing and dancing. This reflects the merits of also other instructors at Kick, so this is simply an impressive team! I also saw the workout timetable at Kick and it is very varied and adapted to all levels, and all tastes.

I can definitely workout here, I thought. I was convinced. Here I could trust that I got proper guidance, that I could train varied, I felt that this was a training centre for me!
In the days that followed, I was very happy and grateful to learn that the managing directors were interested in cooperating with me. I thanked them and gladly accepted a sponsorship proposal. Kick is a fitness centre I will vouch for, and I am really looking forward to blogging from working out here!

It has already been a month since I started training at Kick. I have tested many different fitness hour offers from them, have trained 5-6 times a week – and I really enjoy it! I look forward to working out here more – and hope that you will enjoy reading about it!

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At Kick training they also sell fitness clothing from Better Bodies, MXDC and Gasp, in addition to supplements, heart rate belts and martial arts equipment. I picked up a workout tights from MXDC, with a comfortable fit, pink branding and with the Kick logo on. Really like it!

Christina Mihaela Carare Kick Krøgenes trening senter-39 Christina Mihaela Carare Kick Krøgenes trening senter-41 Christina Mihaela Carare Kick Krøgenes trening senter-42Christina Mihaela Carare Kick Krøgenes trening senter-38Christina Mihaela Carare Kick Krøgenes trening senter-33Christina Mihaela Carare Kick Krøgenes trening senter-32Christina Mihaela Carare Kick Krøgenes trening senter-31

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Thank you to photographer Markus Light for the photos. More will come!