And the winner is…

This Christmas I have arranged three competitions here on my blog, on Instagram and on my Facebook page, where you could each time win a training bag for your workout gear from Kick Training, valued at 400 NOK!

On Sunday, after completing my first Indoor cycling and Indoor elliptical marathon at Kick Training, I was assisted by Kick-owner Tone and Indoor cycling instructor Harald to draw this year´s last winner of the training bag. In order to compete last week, I asked to leave a comment with a question you might have about working out. It was so interesting for myself as a Personal Trainer in the making to read what you guys want to know more about, so thank you for letting me know!

This year´s last winner of the training bag from Kick Training is… @Mr. Egenes, who competed via Instagram. Congratulations! You have gotten a DM from me on Instagram 😀

Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-Trening-Julemaraton-spinning-indoor-cardio-Christmas-marathon-24 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-Trening-Julemaraton-spinning-indoor-cardio-Christmas-marathon-25 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-Trening-Julemaraton-spinning-indoor-cardio-Christmas-marathon-26 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-Trening-Julemaraton-spinning-indoor-cardio-Christmas-marathon-27

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Thank you to everyone who competed each week, especially to those of you who shared the contest with your friends and left nice comments 🙂 It seems to me like you guys enjoyed getting a chance to win this bag, and it kind of created a healthy, sporty atmosphere amongst the contestants 🙂 

You can read about the two other winners of the training bag here (Iselin) and here (Andreas).

Congratulations to all the winners!