Christmas Cardio Marathon

If you´re ready for a challenge, looking to get up off the couch and from in front of the TV during Christmas just for a small fraction of the day, if you want to “spin off” some Christmas calories, then Kick Training´s Christmas Spinning and Indoor Cardio Marathon might be just what you need. For two hours your pulse will be on top, and so will your concentration. You can choose if you want to spin on the bike for two hours, or go on the indoor machine for two hours, or if you want to switch between the two after one hour.

[separator type=”thin”] [columns_row width=”half”] [column]Workout: Cycling mini marathon
Categori: Red – hard class
When: 3rd day of Christmas
Where: Kick Training Krøgenes

Description Cycling
There is so much “life” and fun in all spinning classes at Kick Training! Some key words are a combination of intervals, uphill intervals and long, and steady speed. Spinning is an awesome cardiovascular workout method, where you really get to challenge yourself, body and mind.

Description Indoor
Indoor walking is for everyone, including those with rehabilitational needs, weight problems, seniors, and athletes. The workout method is a safe method with low-impact, where the entire body is activated. Indoor walking will give you a high calorie burn and better oxygen intake. The machine is a combination of a bike and a treadmill. The movement is soft and during a class, one shifts both the intensity, the resistance and the speed.
[/column] [column]Spinning and Indoor walking works: Cardio, stamina
Focus are: The entire body, especially legs, thighs and bum
Benefits: Increased lung capacity, high calorie burn, avoiding major impact on joints and sculpting several leg muscles.
Bonus: Energy boost from working out together with others!
Total time: 120 minutes (5 min. break after 1 hour)

Christina Mihaela results:
Total calorie burn:
897 calories
Calorie burn Spinning: 491 calories
Average pulse Spinning: 163 beats per minute
Calorie burn Indoor: 406 calories
Average pulse Indoor: 147 beats per minute [/column][/columns_row] [separator type=”thin”]


ALL PHOTOS: Markus Lysaker

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The Christmas Cardio Marathon was fantastic fun! I was uncertain about my abilities in advance, like I sometimes am before I take on challenging workout sessions that I don´t normally do. As a tennis player, I’m used to fairly short, explosive workouts and it’s rare that I train on endurance for more than an hour. Was I going to be able to do two?!

When I enrolled I learned that the Indoor machines were fully booked for the Marathon. So I had prior to the marathon prepared myself mentally that I was going to spin on the bike for two hours. I don´t own bicycle pants. Was I going to hurt after two hours without the right equipement? No, because:

  1. There were no (comfort) problems after one hour of spinning. One alternates between sitting and standing, and you are so focused, that I simply did not think about other things.
  2. It proved to be a few vacant elliptical (indoor) machines the second hour, so I alternated between spinning the first hour and being on the elliptical machine the second.

I noticed that most remained either biking or on the elliptical.

It was quite a lightshow in the room while we worked our bums off (kind of litterally speaking) , the colors changed and turned off and on in tact with Norwegian “upbeat” Christmas songs (the first hour) and hard rock hits (the second hour). We sweated, the pulse was high, we shouted, we clapped, we bicycled, and we walked as fast as we could! Some had earplugs.

I noticed how motivated I became because of the others around me and because of the instructors Ellen and Tone on the indoor and Harald on the bicycle. At the end, ie right after the last song finished, Tone was immediately be each participant´s side with a bag of Christmas chocolates and a big smile. Now that´s what I call a great atmosphere!

This was a session I would not have liked to miss out on and one that I can recommend to everyone! Yes, it’s a real high pulse combo, but you can largely determine how hard you want to push yourself because you can set the resistance on the bike and the indoor yourself. But you should challenge yourself and dare to step out of your comfort zone!

The feeling afterwards is invincible!


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The sponsorship that I’m so lucky to have with Kick Training means that I blog from workouts here. Since their workout classes are so varied and suit all goals and needs, I will make a workout guide with the different classes at Kick. This Christmas Cardio marathon is the first. In training guides, you will be able to read a description of each class, as well as my personal results and experiences of these. With this I wish to give you general guidance in the workout classes at Kick Training.

My own results and experience are not and will never be the focus of these training guides, but by being open and honest about these, I want to give readers a closer indication of the intensity and execution of the classes. Remember that we all are different. My results and experiences are no right answers. With this said, I hope that you get a little insight in the workout classes at Kick Trainig and that you find the information useful. Do not hesitate to comment if you have questions.

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