Merry Christmas

I have this tickleish feeling in my stomach! I´m so excited that it´s finally Christmas Eve! In Norway, this is the day we actually celebrate Christmas and open our Christmas gifts. Such a special day demands some special pictures. I took these last Saturday, when we visited Lindland Farm together with a couple of friends. Here is where we found our Christmas tree. It´s become a tradition for us to find and cut (chop?) our own Christmas tree, and there´s no other charming place to do so than at Lindland Farm. It´s such a beautiful scenery here, and such a lovely place to gather friends and family just before Christmas, to find the perfect Christmas tree.

Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Lindland-Gaard-Arendal-Christmas-jul-8-2Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Lindland-Gaard-Arendal-Christmas-jul-1 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Lindland-Gaard-Arendal-Christmas-jul-9-2 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Lindland-Gaard-Arendal-Christmas-jul-17 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Lindland-Gaard-Arendal-Christmas-jul-16 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Lindland-Gaard-Arendal-Christmas-jul-8 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Lindland-Gaard-Arendal-Christmas-jul-10 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Lindland-Gaard-Arendal-Christmas-jul-14Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Lindland-Gaard-Arendal-Christmas-jul-29

We have invited family to celebrate Christmas at our christmassy home with our own-chopped Christmas tree 😀 Howard will make the entire Christmas dinner, I think he is so good to do so! We started the morning opening each other´s last Christmas calender gifts, and watching the traditional Christmas movie Three Wishes for Cinderella. We are so looking forward to the rest of the Christmas celebration!

We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!