Cardio boost with cycling and running combination

He is the author of the book Hard and long: From couch potato to Ironman a true story about the author’s road from the couch to the finish line of the world´s perhaps toughest competition. With a will of steel Fred Arthur Asdal has become a true athlete. As leader for HoveTri and TriQuart, he has contributed significantly to putting triathlon on the map of Norway, and Norway on the international triathlon-map, with full entry lists for the events every year.

Today he is a well known name within triathlon community. Fred Arthur is also my former boss, when I worked as a project manager at the communication agency Presis 360. I know first hand how hard he works out and how much he is accustomed to giving it all he´s got. It is truly admirable – and I’ve always thought I would never be able to keep up with his level of workout performance. Then came the day when I was to test out my theory … Although just for a single workout. The “Fred Arthur special“, as I call it: an hour on the bike, followed by a half an hour running on the mill. A mini marathon.

One might think immediately that this is a combination reserved for triathletes and top athletes. The length of the sessions alone is enough to intimidate a new beginner and intermediate performer, like myself – not to speak of the combination it is to first give it all you´ve got on the bike, to then fight to prevent the legs from falling from under you during the running session. I felt my pulse rise as I booked myself into the “Fred Arthur special”: bicycle- and running minimarathon, which runs every Tuesday evening at Kick Training, Krøgenes.

[separator type=”thin”] [columns_row width=”two-thirds-and-third”] [column]Workout: Cycling and running class combination
Categori: Red – hard class
When: Tuesdays
Where: Kick Training Krøgenes

Description cycling class 
6 p.m., duration 55 minutes
The class transitions into a running class, but you can choose to participate only in the cycling class or in the running class. This is a class with great variety and challenges, that gradually becomes more challenging throughout the season.

Description running class
7 p.m., duration 30 minutes
Test yourself and join a running class right after the cycling session. You can do it, and you get a fantastic workout session! The running class is built up after triathlon principles and the instructor guides you through the entire session, right to the finishing line!

Descriptions are from

[/column] [column]Cycling- and running work your: Endurance
Focus areas: Your entire body, esspecially legs and thighs
Benefits: Increased endurance, stronger lower body muscles
Bonus: Energy boost from working out with others and a sense of personal achievement!
Total time: 85 minutes (5 min. break after 55 minutes cycling, in transition to the running class)

Christina Mihaela results:

Total calorie burn: 743 calories
Calorie burn cycling: 378 calories
Calorie burn running: 365 calories
Average pulse cycling: 154 beats per minute
Average pulse running: 160 beats per minute [/column][/columns_row] [separator type=”thin”]


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I dreaded the Fred Arthur-special. I had in a way already tried the classes, but separately, never with a transition between the two. I had attended the 30-minute running class with intervals and uphill running, after which I was pretty tired – and satisfied with the intervals as a workout in itself. I had also participated in 45 and 90 minute cycling classes, not to mention the Kick Training’s Christmas marathon of 120 minutes on the bike. All of the above went overwhelmingly well, all were awesome experiences that gave me a great feeling of achievement, satisfying workouts, a calorie burn and a more enduring body.

But never before had I combined a cycling class with a running class. I was kind of afraid that I was not going to be able to move my feet on the treadmill after the cycling class, and that I would have had to stop. It would have been a little personal defeat.

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– This song is called “Hurt“, informed Fred Arthur us with a twinkle in his eye and a cheeky smile on his face after the warmup was done.

The information did anything but soothe my fear of failing to complete the classes …

The song was indeed representative of intervals that followed:

  • 3 sets á 4×3 minutes heavy cycling
  • 2 minutes easy cycling between series
  • 30 and 60 second pause between intervals

– You should give it your all now, because the running afterwards is just chilling and relaxing, said Fred Arthur.

Something told me he kidding about the relaxing part…

During the running class my feet went faster than I thought they would. It was almost like they thrived. They were determined to perform and finish the cycle. Apart from an easy jog in the beginning of the running class, we ran intervals where we also had technical training, and finished with 4 rounds intervals increasing towards maximum speed after each round. 


The truth is that not only was I able to complete both the cycling and the running class, but I set a personal record! Never before have I sprinted on the mill as fast as I did this running class. With 16 km/hour I beat my personal record on the treadmill – a speed that I never thought I could keep up with, being 161 cm. For some of your reading this, 16 km/hour is perhaps not fast, but for me it was a small victory. I overcame, once again, the doubt about what my body is able to do. Now I know I can run faster than that too!

The reason I overcame the doubts of my own abilities, I mastered the combination of the classes and set a new personal record is that Fred Arthur really motivated as the group leader. He did so during both sessions. The supportive and sporty atmosphere amongst us who participated in the classes also inspired made me would push myself more.

It was absolutely worth it to challenge myself and attend another mini marathon at Kick Training. This time with the Fred Arthur-special, cycling and running classes. I learned once again that I am capable of more than I give myself credit for. That goes for you who is reading this as well. You are capable of more than you think!

I challenge you to challenge yourself! Try a cycling class in combination with a running class, and feel the sense of personal achievement!


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The sponsorship that I’m so lucky to have with Kick Training means that I blog from workouts here. Since their workout classes are so varied and suit all goals and needs, I will make a workout guide with the different classes at Kick. In the guides, you will be able to read a description of each class, as well as my personal results and experiences of these. With this I wish to give you general guidance of the workout classes at Kick Training.

My own results and experience are not and will never be the focus of these training guides, but by being open and honest about these, I want to give readers a closer indication of the intensity and execution of the classes. Remember that we are all different when it comes to training, body and health. My results and experiences are no right answers.

With this said, I hope that you get a little insight in the workout classes at Kick Trainig and that you find the information useful. Do not hesitate to comment if you have questions.

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