Workout at Kristiania University College

This blog post was originally published on the Kristiania University College blog.
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Recently I attended my first weekend-long gathering for the Personal Trainer studies that I am taking online at Kristiania University College. It all started with a workout that I had time to do in one of the university´s training centres before I met up with the rest of my (online) classmates.

This was just a preview of how I was going to feel the rest of the weekend: incredibly blessed to ble able to slowly but surely work towards my dream of creating a career in training!


This was the first of several-to-come weekend-long gatherings for the Personal Training-studies that I am taking online. It´s a one and a half year long study, with online classes, homework, assignments, exams both theoretical and practical, and of course, classes at the university  for theoretical lectures and practical learning.

I took the bus in to Oslo, and arrived a few hours before I was to meet up with my classmates and our professors. A very kind  employee, Bettina, showed me around the university campus, including the cafeteria and the university´s not one, not two, but three workout centres!

One of the rooms is specifically designed for cardio exercises, complete with indoor running mills and indoor cycling. Another rooms is specifically designed for strength training, complete with a free weights station and strength training apparatus, along with a running track. The last room is an open space with floor-to-ceiling mirrors on one wall. This room is for group training sessions, or if you want to stretch, dance, work out using your own bodyweight. It was inspiring to see!

I had lunch in the school cafeteria, and then went to the strength training centre. That´s where these photos were taken. I had a good whole body workout, and these are the exercises I did:

Click on the name of the exercise to watch how-to videos!

Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-hogskolen-kristiania-oslo-styrke-intervall-personlig-trening-tennis-13.jpg Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-hogskolen-kristiania-oslo-styrke-intervall-personlig-trening-tennis-5 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-hogskolen-kristiania-oslo-styrke-intervall-personlig-trening-tennis-12.jpg© Kristiania University College – Photo: Bettina Wolmersen Larsen

I couldn´t believe that I was literally warming up to the lectures about training by working out beforehand! Even though I had already read curriculum, watched a lot of online lectures, sent off assignments, even had my exam in Anatomy and Physiology, it was not until now, after working out at the university, sitting in the classroom, listening to the professors, that I slowly realised that I was studying Personal training…

That I was studying training, to work in training..

It was an overwhelmingly awesome experience! My childhood dream is coming true! And this is just the start of several others weekend-long training classes in Oslo to come.

This weekend I am going again to the Kristiania University for meeting for the Personal Trainer studies. Focus will be on basics of strength training, still a lot of theory, but also some practical work. I am so excited!

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