Last week I finally went to Nikita Hair at Amfi Arendal to freshen up my hair. I had been looking forward to this appointment since it was about time for both a hair clip, hair treatment and a new color. The idea was to go for an ombre-look, inspired by a picture I found on Nikita Hair’s account on Instagram .

Ombre means “shadow” in French, and within hair trends it has become the term for dark roots and lighter ends. This style has been popular for several years already, and is a personal favorite, especially now that I have longer hair. With the ombre style, you get a transition between the dark and the light in the hair which looks exciting, but at the same time natural. It is also a very easy style to maintain, especially if you, like in my case, opt for a color at the roots that resembles your natural hair color. Then the difference between your natural roots and hair color isn´t too major. The style looks also very nice in a ponytail or braided, which brings out the different shades of the ombre color.

Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-nikita-hair-amfi-arendal-hairstyle-personlig-trening-tennis-1 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-nikita-hair-amfi-arendal-hairstyle-personlig-trening-tennis-1-2 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-nikita-hair-amfi-arendal-hairstyle-personlig-trening-tennis-1-3 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-nikita-hair-amfi-arendal-hairstyle-personlig-trening-tennis-3

After several weeks with my hair usually up in a ponytail, braided, blow dried, straightened out or hairspray-ed since my last visit to Nikita Hair at Amfi Arendal, it was in desperate need of new life. The solution was a deep hair conditioning treatment from Nikita Hair’s professional haircare Eleni & Chris Salon Signature Collection. The Eleni & Chris series is based on Scandinavian natural ingredients that rarely have been previously used in cosmetics. This series contains highly concentrated cloudberry oil and extracts which have a great nurturing effect on the hair and scalp, plus it smells incredibly delicious and natural.

In my hair Ida from Nikita used the Back To The Roots hair conditioning treatment from Eleni & Chris. This intensive hair cure promotes the best of your natural hair color and provides excellent moisture to dry hair. It is rich in antioxidants and moisture, and leaves the hair soft and shiny even for several showers later. A “must have” treatment after coloring your hair in order for the color to hold on longer and for the hair to look shinier.




Do you happen to live in Arendal, Norway? 🙂

Then YOU can get a free hair treatment next time you book an appointment with Nikita Hair at Amfi Arendal. The only thing you need to do when you are there or you call to book an appointment, is:

  • say you would like to have included a free hair treatment in your appointment
  • tell your hairdresser the code MIHAELANM

The offer includes the hair treatment from Nikita Hair newest hair line Eleni & Chris! The value of the hair treatment is up to NOK 500, –! So ask for it to be included, lean your head well back when the hair is being washed, treated, and enjoy the head massage that goes along when you get the hair treatment.  That´s exactly what I do!

NOTE: The offer of free hair treatment by telling the hairdresser the code MIHAELANM applies only to Nikita Hair salon at Amfi Arendal!

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Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-nikita-hair-amfi-arendal-hairstyle-personlig-trening-tennis-4 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-nikita-hair-amfi-arendal-hairstyle-personlig-trening-tennis-5-2 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-nikita-hair-amfi-arendal-hairstyle-personlig-trening-tennis-7

I have to say that I am so pleased with the result! It sounds funny,  but it actually felt like I got longer hair! That was because Ida only cut off a few inches, even though my ends were really dry. But the deep conditioning cure and the new hair colour really gave the hair new life. I love my darker, ombre look, and fringe!

The timing for the hair appointment was so perfect also because the following day I took photos for the blog of Kristiania University College, where I study Personal Training. So I know my hair colour was on fleek 🙂 Can´t wait to see the results of the shoot and show you guys!

 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-nikita-hair-amfi-arendal-hairstyle-personlig-trening-tennis-8 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-nikita-hair-amfi-arendal-hairstyle-personlig-trening-tennis-10 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-nikita-hair-amfi-arendal-hairstyle-personlig-trening-tennis-11 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-nikita-hair-amfi-arendal-hairstyle-personlig-trening-tennis-12 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-nikita-hair-amfi-arendal-hairstyle-personlig-trening-tennis-16 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-nikita-hair-amfi-arendal-hairstyle-personlig-trening-tennis-17 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-movewithmihaela-nikita-hair-amfi-arendal-hairstyle-personlig-trening-tennis-18

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