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We are 13 fitness enthusiasts from all around Norway, with a passion for high pulse activity and a sporty lifestyle, who have joined forces in a motivational project on a common Snapchat account. We are TeamFitSnap and we are looking forward to sharing with our followers glimpses of everyday life, from training sessions to meals, from day to night. Tomorrow it’s my turn to hos TeamFitSnap on Snapchat and share my Thursday with you. I’m super excited!

I wasn´t too difficult to ask when the initiator of motivational project asked if I would like to be part of the team. The reason I said yes to the project was because of the idea behind it: A bunch of fitness happy people, from different parts of Norway, boys, girls, men, women and different age groups – with at least one thing in common: we are love to work out and we all want to share this passion with others! Some TeamFitSnappers are personal trainers, others have totally changed their lifestyle and learned a lot in the process, and me, who loves playing a sport, working out and studying to become Personal Trainer. Each of us share with our followers on Snapchat how we live, eat and exercise – and hopefully you will pick up lots of good health, training and lifestyle tips along the way!

Hence the name: TeamFitSnap!


Each of us 13 members TeamFitSnap “host” the TeamFitSnap account on Snapchat twice a month. We each have two days per month that we share with our TeamFitSnap followers. In addition, there will be “guest hosts”on the extra days. Tomorrow it’s my turn to hos TeamFitsnap and boy, am I excited! Especially the talking-in-front-of-Snapchat part, I´m not used to talking on the phone on the way! But it´ll be fun!

 This is a large part of my day out tomorrow, and I’ll try to snap from it:

07.00: Training at Kick Training Krøgenes (superset shoulders +back, hiit, core, after a good 20 minute warmup).

10.00: Doctor´s appointment (not snapping: D).

11.00: Pampering time at Nikita Hair (haircut, hair treatment, colour, and blow out).

Afternoon: pack bag for weekend meetup and classes for my Personal Training-studies at University College Christiania in Oslo, pack also for photo shoot I will have with the College Christiania in Oslo on Friday (fun!). Prepare breakfast to take on the bus on Friday.

19.30: Warmup and tennis training with the women´s division team at Arendal Tennis club.

21.30: Supper and relaxation before full weekend of Personal Training studies in Oslo .

You are welcome to follow by adding TeamFitSnap on Snapchat!


All photos: Markus Lysaker

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