Time out

After eight months with good and steady dialogue, I heard back less and less. Until I did not hear anything anymore. I followed up and asked if there was anything else that I could answer – if they had begun to doubt a potential cooperation.

I sent a polite email, in which gave them an additional three weeks to respond.

Three weeks later, still no response.

By that time it had been almost two months since I last heard from them. I could not wait more.

As founder of what would be Norway’s new tennis website, my time with financial support from the government as an aspiring online tennis entrepreneur was running out.

I had, at best, two more months with financial aid, before I have to get a part time job alongside my studies as Personal Trainer. I knew that when autumn comes there will be little or no time left to try to start and run a website.

It was last month that I came to the conclusion out of the lack of communication, that a cooperation was not going to happen. Why the dialogue ceased, I may never find out.


Some might regard eight months of work, without result, as a loss. An unsuccessful attempt.

For me, it’s business.

I´m a strong believer in daring to take risks. However, you must accept that the result is not always going to be as expected.

You must endure to get “no” for an answer. You must accept that you are not always going to get what you want. You must accept that not everyone will have faith in you. You must accept that not everyone will have faith in your vision.

This is a part of life. This is experience. These are lessons learned.

What matters is what you do after things don´t turn out the way you plan them.

As a business person, I am proud of myself. From the beginning of the dialogue with this potential partner, I relied on my instincts.

I went all-in. I was diplomatic and loyal. I was with them until the end.

I have no regrets.


The way I saw it, I had only one chance left to get the website up: two more months of financial support get by and to get tennis website started alone.

But I was also very optimistic: at least I had one more chance. Unfortunately, not everyone with a dream can say that.

I would not take this opportunity for granted. I had to seize it.

It was important for me to roll up my sleeves up extra high. The strategy I had in mind if the collaboration would not happen, had to be implemented now.

I went into a bubble. Bought a domain. Got IT help to set up a very simple website. Spent a few weeks to learn myself how to change some basic elements on the website. Spent several days on creating a logo.

I didn´t do anything fancy, but when you start out and have to learn everything from scratch, well, it takes a long time.

I sent emails, made phone calls, followed up replies, sent emails, made phone calls and followed up replies. Among other things.

Slowly but surely, it seems that Norway’s new tennis website, although a very simple one, will come up.

I get emotional by the thought. Because it will be one dream come true.


In May and June, I have two major exams in Personal Training, practical, written and oral, in all the subjects that I’ve had the last six months: Anatomy, Physiology, Fitness Training and Activity Training (focus on strength- and endurance training) .

The statistics are 30% failure in these exams ..

I had to shift focus and go into a new bubble. This time at home. This time with schoolwork.

I alternated between the office desk at home, the table in the dining room and the couch – any strategy that would enable me to keep working answering assignments that must be done and approved before I can take the exams.

I also began to learn by heart muscle functions, their origin and insertion, in Latin. Tried to learn by heart one muscle at a time. Forgot it two days later.

I had to change strategy.

Muscles work together. I had to try to understand the muscles. Through watching lectures online, working with the muscular atlas, write things up, create spreadsheets – and also learn by heart their origin and insertion in Latin.

That’s where I am now: With a two month deadline within which the simple tennis website must be up and my exams passed.

It is important to keep the focus going.

For these reasons, it´s not all fronts that I have managed to maintain the last month. Personal workouts have been down-prioritized. As a result, not one but two jeans have torn when I put them on. I have to persuade myself that it´s because they have shrunk in the wash, not because I have gained a lot of weight 😀

My personal blog and social media has not been updated in the last month. Nevertheless, the number of followers has remained solid. I feel such gratitude for this.

It is said that “everyone” is so busy with their lives, that they don´t notice if you haven´t posted something on social media recently.

My experience is the opposite. People have commented that it’s been a while since I’ve posted something. Are you doing well, they have asked.

This is very nice for me to hear. I feel that what I share, show, or display on social media is thusly appreciated.

The greater is also my personal need to thank everyone who continues to support me, follow me, and show patience while I work towards pursuing my dream.


I´d like to take a timeout and express gratitude. 

I want to thank the ones closest to me, my boyfriend and family, who are all people I look up to and I always know I can share my frustrations, joys, experiences, ups, downs, everything with, and in return feel unconditional love, support and faith in me, my abilities and qualities.

I also want to thank my sponsors who help me greatly every day:

  • Christiania University College, whose support enables me to study Personal Training with trainers from the Norwegian Olympic Top and with some of the foremost experts in their respective fields in the country .
  • Kick Fitness in Arendal, whose support, energy and positive environment enables me to train and put into practice what I learn from the PT-studies.
  • Nikita Hair Amfi Arendal, whose support allows me to feel fine, fresh, feminine and remember that I am more than sweaty workout clothes and messy hair.
  • Stig Solheim, owner of Visible communication, whose support, knowledge and expertise translates into this blog, a platform for me to share my thoughts on.

I want to thank many others who help me in various ways, such as:

  • Regional Business Fund for Arendal, Grimstad and Froland whose support in 2014 allowed me to perform two surveys among tennis players in Norway
  • Rudy Project Norway for having my dream my office to come to every day
  • Skilled photographer and video producer Markus Lysaker, who helps me often taking super nice pictures (and with movie editing …)
  • Oddvar Tengesdal, owner of Tengesdal Consulting in Kristiansand, for skilled IT support
  • TeamFitSnap on Snapchat, for enabling me to reach out to nearly 800 persons each time I host the account, I love the experience of sharing my passion for training and tennis, and I love the feedback
  • My little sister and her boyfriend, for having my in their apartment in Oslo every time I am on weekend gatherings for the Personal Training studies
  • You kind lady at the store who stopped me to say that you admire me who resigned from my job to pursue my dream, that I had the courage to do it, and that in your eyes, I have already succeeded

I want to thank key people within elite sport in Norway, club managers, companies, organizations and individuals who in the past year have listened to my vision, and given me advice. I have great respect for the time you have devoted to me and that you shared your knowledge and experiences.

I want to thank tennis Norway for answering my surveys about what you think is good online, what you are missing, what you think could be improved. You should know that your responses have been my guidelines of work over the past year.

I want to thank you who ever said or has written something positive to me. Your support means a lot and I really appreciate your words.

Thank you for all your support!


All photos: Markus Lysaker // Location: Kick Training // Personal Trainer: Laufey Gardarsdottir

This post has three scopes:

1. To explain that I have been laser focused on my last chance to realize my online tennis dream and study for Personal Training exams, which has occupied much of my time during the last month, and why I haven´t updated my blog or social media.

In other words, it´s been a very busy time, with great personal pressure to succeed. However, this is everyday life for most of us.

You probably recognize this: Many tasks, very little time. Pressure, stress. Good results, poor results. It’s just that not everyone talks about this side of the everyday life. Which brings me to my second point:

2. Personally, I believe it is important to be open and remind us all that not everything runs smoothly and by itself, instead it requires hard work in order to succeed.

3. The blog is however, a place of positivity, optimism and inspiration! A place where I share all the interesting things I learn, my experiences and gratitude for things. And I sure have a lot of all of these things!

I look forward to keep you updated – just know that I’m still going to have laser focus on getting a new, simple tennis website and on understanding our muscles the next two months: D

All the best, Christina Mihaela